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Seborrheic dermatitis is a very common condition characterized by red, scaling, usually oily, patches over the face, scalp, chest or back. The areas on the face that are most commonly affected are along the nose, the eyebrows, between the eyebrows, the hairline, around the ears, and the scalp. While seborrheic dermatitis is not serious or contagious it tends to be very unsightly and gives an impression of poor hygiene. The cause of the condition is not completely known but the oil (sebum) the skin produces seems to play a prominent role. Also, some doctors believe that fungal organisms are indirectly involved in the pathogenesis (development) of the condition. Several things you can do to rid you of this malady include:

Keep your face clean and free of oil by washing your face twice daily with CutiCareMD® Sulfur Soap while using a soft washcloth to help “exfoliate” (peel off) the scale. The CutiCareMD® sulfur cleanser is specially formulated to be gentle because it is glycerin-based and oil-free so it won’t tend to make seborrheic dermatitis worse. In addition, the sulfur is lethal (fungicidal) to any yeast fungal organisms that may be instrumental in the development of seborrheic dermatitis.

If you have seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp very often all you need to do is shampoo daily to keep the oil off the scalp. Using a conditioning rinse for your hair is perfectly fine, but be careful to not apply greasy or oily hair pomades. Gel-based pomades are fine to use.

Do not apply lotions, oils or moisturizers to seborrheic dermatitis. Because dermatitis appears scaling, this is often the first thing the patients will do. However, this will, in reality, perpetuate the process and make your seborrheic dermatitis worse!

If you use moisturizers on your face, change to those that contain only hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a non-oily natural chemical your skin produces to help it retain moisture (water) and it will not make your seborrheic dermatitis worse. Also, if you use make-up please change to a loose power oil-free make-up (something like Bare Minerals or a brand with similar formulation).

If you use sunscreen lotion use the gel formulas. Gel-based formulas are oil and lipid-free and will not make seborrheic dermatitis worse.

If these simple procedures do not correct your problem make an appointment with your dermatologist who may recommend other steps that may include prescription products. CutiCareMD® Sulfur Soap bar is mild (glycerin-based), effective (fungicidal), and safe (free of sensitizers and harsh preservatives). CutiCareMD® Sulfur Soap has been formulated and tested by dermatologists and used in thousands of satisfied patients.